My rates……

I love to visit you all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

My rates:

up to 2 hours450 €
each additional hour100 €
Overnight ( up to 12 hrs)1200 €
1 Day (up to 24 hrs)1800 €
each additional Day1000 €

The rate is the payment for the time I like to spend with you. There is no extra fee for “certain services”.

My rates and travel expenses contain the legal VAT and are not negotiable.


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My travel expenses…

Bielefeld, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Munster
and all of NRW
0 €
Hannover*50 €
Hamburg**200 €
Berlin**250 €
Frankfurt**200 €

Other Cities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria:
individual, by request

*Minimum booking duration: 4 hours
**Minimum booking duration: 12 hours
For other distances I expect to reimburse you with my travel expenses (train or flight ticket etc)…
Depending on the distance and length of a booking those can vary or be completely omitted.
At a distance of 300 km a minimum booking period of 12 hours (worldwide depends on destination) is a prerequisite. I expect a deposit of 30% of the fee and travel costs.